Love Brittny Presets

Bold, dynamic colors with creamy skin tones ensuring your photos will be vividly timeless.

I’ve created these presets for rich, vivid imagery.

It’s timeless editing that will look good in 50 years, but there is a depth of color in these presets that brings out an extra pop. It’s still true to life colors, but pushed to the edge of reality…pushed just enough to draw out an etherial quality.   

Each preset has been used on digital images from multiple camera brands and lighting situations. These presets consistently deliver rich, vibrant colors with just a few simple clicks.

Save $20 when you order both the Love Brittny BLACK + WHITE presets and the Love Brittny COLOR preset.

Love Brittny COLOR


This is my go-to preset for every shoot. Designed for any lighting situation, it will deliver saturated blues, deep greens and warm, clean skin tones. Perfect for rich, timeless imagery.

Love Brittny COLOR

Love Brittny BLACK & WHITE


Two presets for crisp and contrasty black and white imagery. The perfect companion to vivid colors…anything less than drama would not suffice. 

Love Brittny BLACK & WHITE

Using the Presets

“One click” presets don’t exist. Your exposure, white balance and lighting and different skin tones out of camera require adjustments no matter what preset you use

…but this is pretty close. 

My process:

Import photos to Lightroom Desktop

Apply preset to all images

Select image > hover mouse over exposer slider > use keyboard up and down arrows to increase or decrease exposure as needed > use left and right arrows to move to next image

Although each image needs adjusting, I spend less than 10 seconds making changes to each image.

RAW image

Preset applied, no adjustments

Minor edits applied

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