After a long journey through different brands and so many types of equipment, I’ve landed here…Sony cameras and a combination of equipment that allows me to photograph all the magic of a wedding day.

This is the gear haul I take to every wedding:


This bag fits two camera bodies, four lenses, two flashes and accessories. It has so many small compartments. It’s the perfect thing to house all of my gear on wedding days.

SONY a7iii

This camera is the 2018 Camera of the Year! There’s a good reason, too. It can track eyes as far as 50 feet away…that means I can shoot at f/1.4 and keep faces in focus for sparkler exits and movement shots. It has changed the way I shoot!

Because the camera is mirrorless (fully digital) I have the ability to push my ISO up really high.

Plus, it’s small and lightweight, which is good, because I have a toooon of equipment in my bag.

70-180mm f/2.8 LENS

This zoom length is necessary during ceremonies so that I can stand further away and get the tight shots without intruding. The f/2.8 allows me to shoot in dark rooms without using a flash. It makes my work look way more professional.

24-70mm f/2.8 LENS

Perfect for family photos and the wide, establishing shots…the shots that make people say, “Wooooooooow”. Plus, the 2.8 makes a huge difference.

50mm f/1.4 LENS

This will always be my favorite portrait lens. The 1.4 makes my clients POP off the background.

50mm f/2.8 MACRO LENS

The RIIIIIIIING shots!! Tight, macro shots that show the details of rings, garter beading and more. This lens is small and light. It doesn’t make any sense to me to carry around a 2lb lens for the 10 macro shots I get at each wedding. I’d much rather tuck it in the corner of my bag and forget about it until I need it. It can be used as a portrait lens or a macro lens.


Love these! So easy, so simple. Like any technology, you get what you pay for. A $1000 flash is going to perform better, but these have served me well! They are easy to carry around and come in their own little cases. I keep multiple with me on wedding days so I can control the lighting in any space.


This remote allows me to control many other off camera flashes.


This is what connects the speedlight flash to the tripod. You have to have this, or something like it if you want to use an off camera flash on a tripod setup (which is what I do for every event that I photograph).


This is a case where you neeeeed to buy quality equipment. Cheap tripods are unstable and will likely tip over and smash your flash on the ground. Get a sturdy tripod with wide legs and heaviness to it so that it stays stable.


Obviously, you’ve got to have it. I even take this to weddings with me so I can charge extra batteries if I need to.

Extra batteries are non negotiable. I’ve had batteries just freeze up during the winter, even at a 60% charge.


It’s important to have FAST SD CARDS. (AKA, how fast the photo records onto the SD card after you press the shutter button.) You can’t be in the middle of a high pressure moment and waiting on your camera to be able to take more photos. These cards are super fast. I can shoot in continuous mode without any problems.


I bought this for a new sparkler exit technique. It goes on top of your camera or tripod in a hotshoe and is very bright. It gives off very even light, compared to a flash (where the light falls off the subject), and can be a great alternative to shooting sparkler exits.


Small and perfect for flat lays and details. This package of three silk ribbons is the easiest thing to toss in the corner of my bag and elevate the bridal details.


Again, easy to toss in the corner. I bring a ring box to every wedding because the “Ring box shot” is always a good image. It lifts the ring up so the light gets to every side of the diamond.