Brides are always asking me how they should prepare for their photo sessions.

Here are my suggestions…

Lashes. YES, yes and yes. Whether you opt for the glue-ons or the real deal extensions, lashes can only help! Seriously. If you can only afford time to do one of the things on this list, lashes is the way to go. They enhance your femininity. They enhance your eyes. And they make you feel like a QUEEN.

Nails. I’m super biased on this because I loooove to have my nails done! So I lean way toward the girl, you don’t need an excuse to get your nails done! They should always be done! And yes, they absolutely make a difference in the photos, but nicely taken care of paintless-nails also look good! What does NOT look good, you ask? Bright paint colors. Chipped.

Professional Hair + Makeup. Again, if there is ever a time to get a blow out, this is it! On the flip side, you might prefer to do your own hair and makeup so that you feel more like yourself. I recommend that for your engagement photos, but for bridals and wedding day I think you should be pampered a bit 🙂

Spray Tan. Noooooooooo, please no! Ok, I’m being dramatic, but hear me out!

1. Spray tans are never, and I mean never, even. AKA, your skin will not look as perfect as you imagine. That means I end up doing a lot of extra retouching to try and fix your blend.

2. On top of that, they always photograph a bit green, so it’s a bit more difficult to make your skin look realistic in the photos…especially next to your fiance who probably didn’t get a tan. More often than not, it makes your skin look splotchy…not glowy.

3. They rub off on the dress. After working with brides and wedding dresses for so many years I am a pro – I can wash almost anything out of delicate wedding dress fabric…but spray tans are notorious for leaving stains. On armpits, on necklines, anywhere your skin or arms touch! Um, I vote no.

Click here for tips on cleaning your wedding dress.

Hopefully these suggestions help you as your prep for your upcoming shoot! Let me know if you have questions!