Perspective makes ALL the difference. It can make someone look fat, or skinny. It can make an elbow look maaaaaassive, or dainty. Mastering that is super important. In my online Artistic Shooting course I teach an entire section on using perspective to your benefit.

Here is one example of how you can take a normal photo and make it look even more expensive!

I took this photo at the Salt Flats, UT. The Salt Flats are miles and miles of open, flat ground. It is the perfect spot for a sunset shot. But, there’s a problem! Because there is soooooo much space, when I took a picture at a normal height, the horizon ended up pretty high in the photo.

This breaks a cardinal rule! **Never put the horizon on an important body part**. Why, simply put, it’s distracting. Especially if the horizon is chopping at someone’s neck (like this photo) or waist. Now you’ll never unsee it.

Here’s an example of places you should and shouldn’t put the horizon in this type of picture. Red is bad, green is good. I should have been paying closer attention when I shot this image…

I’ve photoshopped this photo a bunch of times to show what the perspective would look like on each of those horizon lines.

Let’s start with the bad examples. This image (below) and the original are not ideal. The horizon at their heads makes them look tiny, and the line across them is super distracting!

Here are some better examples:

Putting the horizon lower makes the clients POP out of the picture. It’s similar to the “simplify your photo” principle. It makes them the subject in a beautiful landscape, not the other way around.

This is just one of the images I use in the Perspective lesson of my online Artistic Shooting course.

That course teaches you how to make your photos POP. How to shoot Pinterest-worthy images intentionally, every time.

Artistic Shooting contains:

  • 4 hours of training
  • 29 artistic principles
  • Move from amateur to professional – no more crossing your fingers, hoping that you got a handful of good shots. You will shoot intentionally to get TONS of great pictures.