Here are some of my favorite places to take pictures in Utah!

Antelope Island


I typically meet my clients at the Walmart in Syracuse and then drive in. Be aware, you will need to pay a $10 fee per car to get into the island.

And prepare for BUGS.

The best thing about this location is that it has beach, rocks and field!

Rock Canyon, Provo


There is a parking lot that usually has plenty of space. You can’t go wrong with this location…You could walk for 10 minutes up the trail, but usually I stay within 5 minutes from the parking lot and get these amazing views.

Tunnel Springs Park


Deep wheat, trails, crisp difference between the sky and the ground. The perfect blank canvas.

Park in the lot and then walk into the field.

Big Cottonwood Canyon


Plenty of parking along the road. There is also a bathroom that is usually unlocked….gross…but unlocked.

Depending on the day, there might be a lot of other photographers in that main valley. It’s a convenient place for family photos because of the parking lot. However, I usually walk my clients up the road for about 5 minutes until I get to a quieter place.