EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER should have this product…

 Celebrations are happening over here because I’m the newest ambassador for HOYA! Woot! Pumped doesn’t even describe how excited I am to be representing this company. I’ve been shooting on their gear for years 🙂

Here is the gear that EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER should have:


Filters. There are lots of kinds of filters…UV Protectant, Polarizing, Neutral Density, GND, Color Correcting, Special Effects, and Close Up. The filter EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER should have is the UV Protectant.

A filter is a small lens that screws right to the end of your camera lens, just like a lid. The layers of coating and specially cut glass allow light to enter your camera lens differently. The UV Protectant filter is meant to get rid of any excess UV light that causes light flares and chromatic aberration.

More importantly than that…the UV Protectant filter acts as a protector for your lens (hear my story of that in the video). It’s inexpensive lens insurance.

EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER should be shooting on these filters. See the filters on my Amazon Store.