This BEAUTIFUL Grand America Hotel wedding is as classic as it gets! Clean, crisp details, black and white details. It was so much fun to photograph this georgeous wedding.

“Jared and I met 7 years ago on Valentine’s Day. We were in Mississippi at Air Traffic Control training school in the Air Force. I had seen Jared around the base and school house multiple times and I thought he was so cute, me and my friends all did. I’d never talked to him but I’d say hi to him in passing and give him flirty eyes. He was always so sweet and acted like he knew exactly who I was.

On Valentine’s Day I had just gotten back from brunch with my friends and I saw him walking out of the dorm alone. I was feeling extra spontaneous that day (love in the air and all) so I approached him and said hi. I asked him what he was up to that day. We ended up walking to the Post Office together (to go pick up Vday packages from our moms lol). We were all smiles and laughs and we hung-out everyday after that.

After two weeks of us hanging out I told my mom and all my friends I was going to marry him one day.

We coincidentally ended up getting stationed in Las Vegas and South Korea together, until I separated from the Air Force. We now live in Idaho where we both work at Mountain Home Air Force Base. I’m a civilian and he’s still Active Duty. We have two dogs, Hadley (a naughty Frenchie) and Tavi (the sweet little Chihuahua soul).”

– Pheonix