I shot this BLIND.

I’ve never photographed in such terrible weather! The wind was so strong that the models and I could barely keep our eyes open. The rain was like tiny projectile objects and when we did have our eyes open, we kept getting punched in the iris by mother nature! It was insanity. On top of that, we couldn’t hear each other because of the wind so we were screaming at each other the entire time. **kudos to this model**

We had to work fast – I knew my camera equipment was on the verge of death (my lens didn’t make it) and I didn’t have time to check the photos I was taking. Even if I tried, the rain was so strong I couldn’t even see my camera display.

I was literally shooting BLIND. Theoretically, I knew what my settings should be, so that’s what I set them to. It was all a facts-based guess…and it worked.

Knowing how to use your camera settings is VITAL…but it can be pretty complicated if you aren’t already familiar with it. Check out my FREE Camera Control videos to learn from me and see the techniques I use in situations just like this. 

When you know your camera settings you could literally be BLIND and still get amazing photos.