The theme for this wedding was WILDFLOWERS. How idyllic is that?! 

One night Brooke’s friends made a tinder account for her and she matched with DJ. A few months later they matched again on Bumble! They spent so much time together and felt so comfortable with each other…it just made sense!

Their wedding was packed full of people who adore them. 

What I loved about this day wasn’t just the amazing colors or the perfect overcast light, it was seeing all of the bridal party againI Brooke was a bridesmaid at Alyssa and Jeremy’s wedding a few weeks before, and many of their friends are the same. I just love these couples and am so grateful for their kindness. They welcome me into their friend group and make me feel like a person, not just a photographer. 

Good people make my job so lovely. Brooke and DJ’s genuine kindness filled my soul and reminded me why I love my job so much!