Bridesmaids. They love you, they support you, and they’ve been there for all the post-breakup pizza nights. Now they are here to celebrate true love with you! And in the wedding party line-up, they are there to augment your look. So they need to look fiiiiine, but in a way that makes the you and your dress look like the most stunning thing anyone has ever seen. AKA, they will and should look good (the groomsmen will be checking them out, guaranteed), but you are the focus today! So, what should bridesmaids wear? It totally depends on what style of wedding you have! Sometimes casual Sunday dresses are perfect, and other times a full length formal gown is best! Usually the bridesmaids wear one of the dominant wedding colors, but black is super classy! White is always risky because it competes with the bride’s dress, but it can be done really well! Either way, the key is to keep all the dresses the same length (excluding the maid of honor, who sometimes has a fancier dress than the other girls). These brides did an amazing job putting together a consistent look with an assortment of bridesmaid dresses!