You have less than 10 minutes to photograph the ring on the wedding day. How can you do that quickly, and still get a variety of images? ***Note I shot all of these images with a softbox ring light attached to my external flash.

Minute One.

Start with flat lays! Grab the gorgeous invitations (because you know that the bride spent hoooooours deciding what these would look like) and do some fun arrangements with them! The first image here was taken on the ground and the floor happened to be a dark orange color which was easy to edit into the burgundy wedding color. I simply stood over the arrangement of the invitation suite, stamps, ring box and satin ribbon and took the photo. 

Minute Two.

Basically the same thing as the first photo, but instead of using the floor, I grabbed one of my foam whiteboards and used that as my background. I swapped the ribbon for the veil and mixed up the invitation suite. Usually one wide shot of the entire suite is plenty, but I wanted to see what else I could do with the suite. 

Minute Three.

While you have the invitations out, try shooting some close ups of the details + the invitations. 

Minute Four.

Color blocking. Any bride can have a close up photo of her ring, so personalizing the images with your bride’s invitations or wedding colors will be very special! Find something that radiates the wedding vibes. It could be the fabric of her dress, a statement tablecloth, her glamorous shoes, etc… In this case, it was the burgundy ribbon plus the burgundy ring box. 

Minute Five.

Get a dynamic shot of the ring box on their vows (or invitation suite). 

Minute Six.

Why not try the same shot but extra tight? It makes the shot a bit more intimate and makes it more difficult to read the private letter while showing off the BLING even better! 

Minute Seven.

You don’t even have to move the ring for this shot, just shoot from lower! I use this technique all the time for rings, because brides loooove the side detail of their bling, but it hardly ever shows when they are wearing it! Ring boxes are so convenient for this because they can hold the ring up perfectly while you drop your aperture and get focused on those tiny details! Because you will be shooting from lower, your background will show quite a bit. Using something like the vows underneath the ring box will be helpful because it can easily fade into the background without distracting from the main subject. 

Minute Eight.

For the last minute, lose the ring box and shoot a simple shot of the ring. You could do this on any background, but I loved the vows so much I just kept them as my background. Ta da! And there you have it! 8 ring shots in 8 minutes!

Photography: @lovebrittnyphotography / Ring:  @forgejewelryworks / Ring box: @koyalwholesale / Invitation Suite: @madebyjen_