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Photographers, listen up. Every moment you aren’t taking photos or editing…YOU AREN’T GETTING PAID. So unless you want to keep investing hours of time for freeeeeeee, you need to get a client management tool. 

I used to spend 4 hours/client organizing payments, photo shoots, sending invoices and contracts. It took me 1 hour just to send over an invoice…and sometimes they didn’t book me!

I was wasting so much time. Even though I had a good system in free Google programs, it wasn’t actually all that free. My time was getting more and more valuable I couldn’t afford to keep spending that much time on busy work admin things that could be automated. 

Also…I couldn’t stay organized and didn’t follow up with payments a few times… I could have lost a lot of money and that motivated me to figure this out 😅 

I chose Honeybook as my client manager because:

  1. It is easy for me (and clients) to use
  2. It makes me look credible
  3. It sends invoices + contracts in one email and tracks if they have been seen and signed
  4. It has a secure payment method so I don’t have to manage, track or remind clients about payments
  5. It allows clients to sign contracts and pay from their phones
  6. It has client profiles where I can store details about the project
  7. It allows me to assign workflows to each client (send automatic emails, brochures, questionnaires and more) and reminds me when to do those things so I don’t have to manage it. 
  8. It does the financial reports for my business and calculates how much I need to pay in taxes
  9. Stats galore
  10. Shows me how many clients I have in phases of booking, such as “haven’t signed contract”, “signed contract, waiting to schedule consultation” and “editing”.

Think of all the time you could be saving by automating the UGH part of your business. 

Not only that, but your paycheck goes toward 1) shooting, 2) editing and 3) admin. The longer you take on any of those, the less money you make per hour.

STOP THROWING AWAY YOUR MONEY. Save time by automating and make more money.